The Tutorial can be accessed in Single Player profiles (when started) or in Extras.

  1. Welcome to Super Scribblenauts!
  2. You can access the pause menu and skip the tutorial by pressing once start once in control of Maxwell.
  3. Please choose how you wish to control Maxwell.
  4. Tap and hold the stylus to move Maxwell. He will automatically jump over gaps/Use the +Control Pad or A, B, X, and Y buttons. To move Maxwell jump press up on the +Control Pad or you can use the B or X buttons.
  5. Move Maxwell to the flag!
  6. Great job! Maxwell can also swim.
  7. Also you can move the camera with either the +Control Pad or A, B, X, and Y buttons/Also you can move the camera by dragging the stylus across the touch screen. Try it now!
  8. In the upper left-hand corner you will find a button shaped like Maxwell's head. Tap this button to center the camera on Maxwell.
  9. This cliff is too high to jump to. You can use the notepad to create objects to help Maxwell.
  10. Tap the notepad and create a ladder.
  11. Welcome to Write Mode. Write your word then press the check box to create it!
  12. Try making a 'Ladder' now!
  13. The button with two curved arrows cycles through your previous objects.
  14. You can place objects in any empty space by dragging them and letting go. While dragging, you can use the L and R buttons to rotate the object.
  15. Tap the ladder to have Maxwell climb it.
  16. With the right tool, Maxwell can dig through soft terrain, such as this dirt.
  17. Try using the notepad to spawn a shovel. Drag the shovel onto Maxwell to equip it.
  18. Drag the shovel onto Maxwell to equip it.
  19. Tap the front of the dirt wall to dig.
  20. There is a new hint available! Tap on the flashing hint button now to see it!
  21. There is a limit to the number of objects you can create at once, represented by the thermometer on the top screen. Destroy objects you no longer need to make room for others.
  22. Objects you created can be destroyed by dragging them over the notepad icon. Destroy the shovel now.
  23. Super Scribblenauts will recognize adjectives you write when creating objects.
  24. Use the notepad to create a giant yellow dog.
  25. Sticky or rope-like objects can be used to attach things to each other.
  26. Use the rope to attach the dog to his doghouse by dragging one end of the rope onto the dog and the other end onto the doghouse.
  27. This is a starite. Maxwell must collect this to complete a level in Super Scribblenauts.
  28. Move Maxwell to the starite to collect it and finish the tutorial.
  • 7 objectives are needed to complete to obtain the starite.

Additional Hints

  1. There is a new hint available! Tap on the flashing hint button now to see it!
  2. Welcome to the hint menu! Buy the next hint now by tapping the 'BUY NEXT' button on the bottom right corner of the screen. (Costs none)
  3. Maxwell is done with the shovel. Tap him to unequip it. (Costs none)


  • The tutorial in Super Scribblenauts can be skipped while the tutorial in the previous game cannot.
  • The tutorial in Super Scribblenauts is only one level while the tutorial in the previous game spanned over eleven levels.
  • This tutorial can be played again by looking in the extras screen.
  • When the player has to summon a "Giant Yellow Dog", they can put any adjective in front of Giant. One adjective in particular is "Nuclear", which when summoned, the dog will eventually explode with the power of a Nuke, wiping out everything. However, the bottom screen will not fade back in, meaning the player is stick until the DS is reset.
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