Difficulty Par
Stars1 3


Tutorial 1/4
  1. There is a ladder to your left. Tap on it to climp up.

Tutorial 2/4

  1. To pick up equipment, tap it.
  2. Tap the hammer to the right.

Tutorial 3/4

  1. To use what you have equipped, tap the object you want to use it on.
  2. Tap the plank to break your way through to the Starite!

Tutorial 4/4

  1. To drop equipment, tap Maxwell again or tap another equippable object.


  • Climb up the ladder to the left after tutorial 1/4, move to the gate to the right. Once it opens pick up the hammer after tutorial 2/4 and break the plank blocking the way after tutorial 3/4. Collect the Starite after tutorial 4/4.


  • The level teaches you on how to use equipments.

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