Difficulty Par
Stars1 3

This level teaches you on how to ride and use vehicles, water properties and projectile weapons.



Tutorial 1/6

  1. Tap the car to get in.
  2. Driving or riding friendly animals works the same as walking.
  3. Drive right to the end of the road.

Tutorial 2/6

  1. Nice job! To exit any vehicle, just tap the vehicle again.
  2. Keep walking to the right.

Tutorial 3/6

  1. Swimming is just like moving. Jump in and swim forward!
  2. Maxwell can swim under water by using diving-related objects.
  3. But be careful, some objects may short out in water.

Tutorial 4/6

  1. Tap the plane to get in.
  2. Tap in the air to fly.
  3. Fly up and over the hill to the right.

Tutorial 5/6

  1. To shoot an object, tap it while equipped with a projectile weapon.
  2. Or to shoot in any direction, double tap anywhere in empty space!
  3. Projectile weapons have limited ammo. When depleted they will automatically be destroyed.
  4. Equip the ray gun.

Tutorial 6/6

  1. Maxwell will automatically attack the object until one of the three things happens...
  2. ...the object is destroyed, the weapon runs out of ammo or you tap elsewhere.
  3. Shoot the target to get the Starite!


  • It is the first level to show a building, which is the airport.

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