There are 26 shards in the Tech category.

Wash, rinse, dry!

  • Place a dirty dish in an appliance that cleans it!

It's a trap!

  • Catch a rodent in a trap!

The clicker!

  • Turn an object on or off using a remote control!

There's a smokey on your tail!

  • Try to make contact with a truck driver using the type of radio they use!
    • To complete: Spawn a cb radio and use it.

Say what?

  • Aid someone who is deaf by giving them a small device that improves hearing!
    • To complete: Spawn a deaf person and a hearing aid. Give the hearing aid to the deaf person.
    • Alternatively, giving it to Maxwell works too; even when he is not deaf.

Rise and shine!

  • Wake someone up using a clock that is specifically designed for such purposes!

Drop me a line!

  • Use something that you dial to call someone!


  • Place something near a fire alarm that will set it off!
    • To complete: Spawn a fire alarm and fire. Place them near each other.


  • Clip someone's toenails!

One armed bandit!

  • Test your luck by using this popular casino gambling machine!

Not the sharpest pencil in the drawer!

  • Make a pencil more effective by sharpening it any way you want!

Fiery Furnace!

  • Put something made of clay in a special oven that fires the clay into a ceramic!
    • To complete: Spawn a kiln and any item (including animals) with the adjective clay. Put the clay item in the kiln and them empty it again.

Say yes to rugs!

  • Make a rug using a machine that weaves fabrics!
    • To complete: Spawn a loom and interact with it.

Vend for yourself!

  • Put something in a vending machine that causes it to give you a treat!

Duces are wild wild wild!

  • Give a bookie some technology to help expand the family business to the internet!
    • To complete: Spawn a bookie and a tablet (electronics). Pick up the tablet and give it to the bookie.

No safe is safe!

  • Create someone who is pro at cracking safes and make them a safe to crack!

Oh no my particles collided!

  • Create a large hadron collider and see what happens when you use it!

Double the trouble!

  • Use the cloning machine to duplicate something!

Money laundering!

  • Put some money in an appliance that cleans clothes!

Where there's smoke...

  • Set off a smoke detector to be sure it is working properly!

Click click click ding!

  • Use something to type that predates the computer and keyboard!
    • To complete: Spawn a typewriter and interact with it.

Bumper bonus!

  • Play with a machine that uses flippers on a slanted surface to keep a ball bouncing around scoring points!

Gently down the stream!

  • Take a seat on an exercise machine that simulates rowing a boat!

It's a light bat!

  • Combine a lamp shade with the sports equipment used to hit home runs!

Are you afraid of the dark?

  • Create the kind of light that lights roadways and turn it off

Game of the year!

  • Create a previous version of this game!


  • The shard It's a trap! is a reference to the series of movies Star Wars, in which a character named Admiral Ackbar speaks the iconic line after realizing that he and his men have fallen into a trap.
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