Some of the more critical creations in Scribblenauts Unlimited can only be spawned using the "$" Method. 

Starite Glitch

  1. Go to any world and complete one of the starite missions.
  2. Before you pick it up, create a rope and attach it to the starite and drag it to the backpack.
  3. Collect the starite so you will exit the mission. Drag the starite out of the backpack, but don't collect it.
  4. Remove the rope and drag the ropeless starite into the backpack.
  5. Trash the rope starite in the backpack.
  6. Drag two starites out of the backpack and place them somewhere.
  7. The second starite will become editable.
  8. Click on the starite, click "Use Notepad", and click "Edit Object".
  9. Click "Yes". You will now be in the object editor.
  10. Click on the script icon (quill and paper).
  11. Click the pencil icon next to either the "Source Audio" or "Objects react to it as if it's a".
  12. You should see the text "$starite". Click the green checkmark.
  13. Click the floppy disk icon in the top left corner to go back to the main edit screen.
  14. Click the "back arrow button" to exit
  15. You should be back in what ever sandbox, world, level, etc. you're in.
  16. Click the notebook and press the "two arrows" icon, and the name "$starite" should show up.
  17. Edit the "starite" part in order to spawn the special objects.


  • $maxwell
  • $starite
  • $me
  • $destiny
  • $myobject (When used in an object script, this behaves as the object being edited. For example, you can put this in "create an object" to cause an object to duplicate itself.)
  • $adjective1
  • $adjective2
  • $adjective3
  • $stageobject (note: objects destroy it)

There is a single $ Adjective, $myadjectives, which appears to do nothing.

EXE Modification Method

On the PC version, Scribble.exe can be modified in a hex editor to enable all characters to be entered normally. To do this, go to address 0x136BF1 in a hex editor and change the 41 to 21. After performing this modification, characters like @ and $ can be entered as easily as any other characters.

For unmasked, do this with address 0x1BE691.

WARNING: DO NOT drag the second uneditable starite into your magic backpack. If you do attempt this you can crash and potentially corrupt your game.

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