The Listy Colon
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After collecting 16 Starites

Doors to

Bullet Point Bayou


Starite Template.png x 2


Stariteshard Template.png x 11

The Listy Colon is a pirate ship that is probably owned by Maxwell's brother Yarrr. Some of the Starite Shards refer to the internet meme Pirates vs. Ninjas. This level has 2 Starite missions and 11 Starite Shards.

Starite Shard

A Different Kind of Piracy!

Problem: Prevent internet piracy!

Solution: Click or tap on the laptop and press 'interact.'

Picking Sides!

Problem: I need a tool from my trade to finally settle this argument!

Solution: For the ninja, the player must provide a katana. For the pirate, the player must provide with a scimitar.

Stealthy Escape!

Problem: Give me something to hide inside so I can make my escape!

Problem: Give the assassin a chest to hide in.

Peg Leg!

Problem: Give me something that I can craft into a peg leg!

Solution: Give the legless pirate some wood.

Scurvy Dogs!

Problem: Give me something to eat that prevents scurvy!

Solution: Give the conquistador a citrus fruit. (e.g. lemon)

Need More Ammo!

This Starite Shard unlocks Yarrr

Problem: We're running out of ammo! Throw something in the cannon!

Solution: Almost anything can be placed in the cannon, even a person. (e.g. cannonball)

Replacement Parrot!

Problem: I'll never be accepted as a parrot!

Solution: Apply the adjective "talking"' on the seagull.

Swab the Duck?

Problem: Give me something to swab the duck!

Solution: Give the deaf sailor a mop.

Sore Loser!

Problem: We need some pieces to play a game!

Solution: Give the legionnaire a die.

Treasure Map!

Problem: Find the treasure map and bring it to me!

Solution: Go underwater and head to the very right. There should be a shark that should be killed to prevent Maxwell from getting hurt. Empty the chest and bring it back to the rogue.

Crow's Nest!

Problem: This crows nest is lacking! Give me something to construct a proper nest!

Solution: Give the crow a stick to build a nest.

Starite: The Cursed Crew!

Description: Something terrible has happened to the crew! Help break thier curse!

Problem 1: The crew has become cursed! Give each crew member something that they used to love! The warrior fo this group enjoyed medieval weapons!


  • Give the warrior of our group a medieval weapon.
  • The bony mate wants a sharp weapon.
  • Break the curse by giving the skeleton a sword.

Solution: Go to the lower left and give the skeleton warrior a spear.

Problem 2: The first curse has been broken! The next crew member loved his facial hair, but now he is almost entirely bald! Give him facial hair to be proud of!


  • Give our stringy haired crew member some facial hair.
  • The zombified sailor needs something to warm his face.
  • The zombie desires a beard.

Solution: Go to the lower right and give the zombie a moustache.

Problem 3: Well done! Another curse was lifted! This next crew member loved his own reflection, but the curse has taken his body away! Show him what he looks like!


  • Show the wispy crew member his reflection.
  • The wisp wants to see itself again.
  • The wisp needs a mirror.

Solution: Go to the left of the ghost and give the wisp a hand mirror.

Problem 4: Three curses down! The next crew member was the smartest of the bunch! Sadly, the curse has removed his brain! Use the notepad to educate him!


Solution: Go to the right of the ghost and give the ghoul a textbook or apply the adjective Smart.

Final Problem: The last curse rests upon the captain of the ship! Reunite him with polly!


  • Reunite me with polly.
  • My polly loved eating crackers.
  • Give me my parrot, polly.

Solution: Give the ghost another parrot.

What A Twist: Yar! Thank you, but I'm not cursed! I'm a real ghost pirate and you are on our real ghost ship! Yar har har!

Starite: Where Can I Find Some Sailors?

Description: Create a new crew for the pirate ship!

Problem 1: The slacker has inherited an empty pirate ship! Help by making people that can run the ship! Start by placing someone with sailing experience at the wheel!


  • Place someone who can command the ship at the wheel.
  • The captain should be someone who can lead the crew.
  • An admiral might make a good leader for the ship.

Solution: Place a captain for the wheel.

Problem 2: Next we need someone to manage the treasure! Write someone who is good with money!


  • Place someone who is good with money inside of the treasury.
  • We could use someone who works in a bank.
  • An accountant would know how to handle the money.

Solution: Place a banker in the treasury.

Problem 3: Defending the ship is a major priority! Place someone who is familiar with weapons inside the armory!


  • The armory needs someone who is good with weapons.
  • Members of the army know how to use weapons.
  • Every knight knows how to wield a sword.

Solution: Place a warrior in the armory.

Problem 3: Sailing the high seas can really build up an appetite! Place someone who knows how to cook in the kitchen!


  • The kitchen needs someone to run the oven.
  • We need someone who went to culinary school.
  • A top notch chef would provide great meals every day.

Solution: Place a lunch lady in the kitchen.

Problem 4: How can we has a pirate ship with an empty brig? Place a captive in the prison!


  • What good is a prison if it is empty?
  • Pirates usually kidnap people from the royal family.
  • We need a real damsel in distress.

Solution: Place a prisoner in the brig.

Final Problem: The crew is about complete! Now place someone who can help navigate the ship in the crow's nest!


  • The crow's nest needs someone to navigate.
  • We need someone who can see a long distance.
  • Elves have great vision, but aren't much for talking.

Solution: Put a scout in the crow's nest.


  • Colons are used in ratios and to further explain information.
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