Tilde Reef
Tilde Reef


After collecting 40 Starites

Doors to

Ampersand Beach, Alliteration Abyss


Starite Template x 0


Stariteshard Template x 5

Tilde Reef is a small water level only containing 5 Starite Shards. This is one of the stages doesn't have a full Starite mission. Another is Capital City Runoff.

NPCs and Objects present: Unicornfish, Rope, Anchor, Net, Porpoise, Cornetfish (2x), Dartfish, Anglerfish, Dale, Rally Car, Cherubfish, Angelfish, Octopus, Pearl (10x), Clam, Reef, Jellyfish, Sea Anemone, Sea Urchin.

Starite Shards

Tangled Up!

Problem: I'm trapped! Help me get out of this abandoned net!

Solution: Click or tap on the net and press 'empty' to free the porpoise.

A Light Meal!

Problem: My light is too dim to attract prey! Help by applying an adjective to me!

Solution: Give the Angler Fish the adjective 'glowing'.

My Iron Lung!

This Starite Shard unlocks Dale

Problem: Help! I'm running out of air!

Solution: Give Dale an Scuba Gear or a Scuba Mask.

The Prized Pearl!

Problem: That clam has the perfect pearl for my collection!

Solution: Go to the clam and press or click 'empty.' Then give the pearl to the dotted octopus.

Reef Restoration!

Problem: Some of our home has been destroyed! Create something to help the reef regrow!

Solution: Make a reef for the clown fish, sea anemone, sea cucumber, and sea urchin.



  • "~" is a tilde. In some other languages, tildes are placed above a letter to show that the pronounced letter is nasalized.
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