Tomb of Onomatopoeia

Tomb of Onomatopoeia
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After collecting 30 Starites

Doors to

Abjad Dunes


Starite Template.png x 1


Stariteshard Template.png x 7

Tomb of Onomatopoeia is a pyramid. The stage is focused on an Egyptian theme since it has a trap as well as hieroglyphics. Maxwell's brother Tiberius is encountered here. There is one full Starite mission and 7 Starite Shards.

Starite Shard

Archaeology 101!

Problem: Help me decipher these hieroglyphics!

Solution: Make the archaeologist 'wise', or summon a translator or Pharaoh.

Remove the Curse!

Solve the Starite Shard: Archaeology 101 first.

Problem: The frogs are endless! Find a way to appease the frog god!

Solution: Place a fly next to the frog suit (French beans work as well)

Ancient Wisdom!

This Starite Shard unlocks Tiberius

Problem: I can almost read these hieroglyphics! Can you show me what they mean?

Solution: Slug + Shell = Snail

The Spikes are Very Sharp!

Problem: This trap is dangerous! Put something sticky in there before I lose an arm!

Solution: Place glue or put Dissarmed on the trap for the cat burglar.

It Needs to Match our Curtains!

Complete "The Spikes are Very Sharp!" first.

Problem: Grave robbers have stolen our furniture! Can you give us something in the same condition as what we have?

Solution: Place a furniture with the adjective 'sandy' or 'Mummified' (e.g. sandy/Mummified chair)

Professional Second Guesser!

Problem: If I'm unable to correctly predict the futre, Pharaoh will have me buried alive!

Solution: Give the caliph a crystal ball.

Going Home!

Problem: I need to get home! Help me contact the mother ship!

Solution: Give the alien a cell phone or Smartphone.

Starite: The Making of a Mummy

Description: Help the mortician create an eternal mummy!

Problem 1: Help the mortician make a mummy! First, put someone of high stature in the sarcophatron.


  • Put someone of high stature into the sarcophagus.
  • Someone royal would make an excellent mummy.
  • Put a king or queen in the sarcophagus.

Solution: Place a Pharaoh or Cleopatra or People with adjective 'Royal' in the sarcophagus.

Problem 2: Next, add something for the mummy to be wrapped in!


  • Add something for the mummy to be wrapped in.
  • I can use almost any kind of fabric.
  • Try putting a bed sheet in the sarcophagus.

Solution: Place a bandage or Linen in the sarcophagus.

Final Problem: Finally, add a compound to use as embalming fluid!


  • Add a compound to use as an embalming fluid.
  • I need to use a compound that will preserve the mummy.
  • Try putting formaldehyde in the sarcophagus.

Solution: Place vinyl chloride or Palm oil in the sarcophagus.


  • Onomatopoeia is a term for words that imitates the sound of the source that it describes. (e.g. Meow, Woof, Tick Tock, BAM!)
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