Person, Brother


Follows family, rides horse, picks up lasso and revolver



Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked

Tony is one of Maxwell's 40 brothers. Tony is a cowboy by nature, and is the 5th brother to be seen at Edwin's Farm. Maxwell arrives to see a bale of hay. Tony then comes and greeted Maxwell, "Howdy!" and tells Maxwell about Dusty Brush Canyon and it's neighbouring places. A bandit then comes out of the hay and proceeds to steal all of Tony's money, in which he yells "Tarnation!" then he and Maxwell then chase after said bandit.


Tony's rooster helmet resembles a cowboy hat and is brown in color, just as how a usual cowboy hat does. Tony's shirt is a bright yellow. Tony also wears a vest with a star badge on it, meaning that he may as well be a Sheriff. Tony has jeans on and wears brown gloves and boots, which have spurs on them.

How to Unlock

You can get the 'Bandit Camp!' shard after completing the 'Open Sesame!' shard on Dusty Brush Canyon.

The player originally needs just two starite shards while trying to unlock him. To assist Tony, you must recollect his money. First, the player must equip themself with a Mask, other masks include a bandanna or a Scary Mask. Afterwards, the player must use the blue switch near the rock to get the Open Sesame shard. Then the player must proceed into the cave, eventually killing the bandits underground with a weapon. Optional weapons include a chain gun, machine gun, sword, or spear. Tony's money can be found inside of a safe inside the cave, when you give the money to him he says "I Reckon". You will get the shard called Bandit Camp if you help Tony. 

An alternate method is to create a 'cannibal Huge Boulder' and infiltrate the camp that way.

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