Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Female

Scribblenauts Unlimited


Creature, Friendly, Humanoid


Picks up teeth


Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Showdown

The tooth fairy is a fairy that is said to leave money at night under a child's pillow to compensate for a baby tooth falling out.

The tooth fairy's wings can be removed. The tooth fairy will fight a dentist.

They will pick up a tooth but not leave any money behind, however they will leave money if they pick up teeth or a fang.

Male Variant

Tooth Fairy

Male Tooth Fairy

The male tooth fairy has a pink sparkling particle effect.

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