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#REDIRECT [[Freezer]]
|Type = Internet Memes
|image = File:Freezer.png
|imagewidth = 150
|Synonyms = None
|Behavior = None
|Available in = [[Scribblenauts Unlimited]]}}'''Two Four One Five Four Three Nine Zero Three''', or '''241543903''', is an Internet meme based off of people putting their head in a freezer. It looks and behaves identical to any other [[Freezer]], but contains a "Frozen [[LOL Wut Pear]]" inside. This is a reference to "Heads in Freezers", a photo gag meme in which people take pictures of themselves sticking their heads in freezers. The string of numbers is for when you search for in in Google Images, it would be the only pictures that come up.
*'''Two Four One Five Four Three Nine Zero Three''' is the longest word available in Scribblenauts Unlimited.
[[Category:Internet Memes]]
[[Category:Internet Memes]]
[[Category:Scribblenauts Unlimited]]
[[Category:Easter Eggs]]

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