University is the world in Scribblenauts, it forces all players starting a new game to play though zone 0. These levels are extremely straight forward and designed to teach the user how to play Scribblenauts. Most of these could as puzzle levels, but no Øs (Ollars) or Merits are awarded for completing these levels. They also have many more pop-up Hints then the average Scribblenauts level.

All of the tutorials have very explicit instructions and are easy to pass. Some of them are so simple, no explaination is necessary.

Because all of the levels are tutorials, they are given the in-game Zone number of 0.

Level Description
T0-1 The basics of movement.
T0-2 Interacting with objects.
T0-3 Interacting with objects and using the Identify Mode.
T0-4 Using Vehicles, Shooting and Swimming controls.
T0-5 Using Glue and Rope.
T0-6 Using the Notepad and creating objects!
T0-7 Deleting objects and Throwing.
T0-8 Performing multiple interactions and using Storage objects.
T0-9 Our first puzzle level.
T0-10 Our first Action level.
T0-11 A quick summary of the tutorials.

Once this section is done, the real fun can begin!

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