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A recreation of Plants Vs. Zombies


Cool Guy I Don't Know The Name Of




Uses weapons such as germ, plasma, dart gun, and magic. And sheer force. Don't forget sheer force


Synonyms? Synonyms?! SYNONYMS?! WHAT ARE SYNONYMS?!?!

Available in


5th Row

Umm, we don't have a "5th Row"





Weird Level Solutions

Remix Level 8-2 Spawn a cannon near the dental chair and flip it to face the optometrist. Place glasses in the cannon. Interact with the cannon. The glasses will fly over the eye chart and the man will grab them.

Remix Level 8-1 (Thaw the frozen boy) Spawn a INFLATABLE ROOMY HANDHELD MICROWAVE. Use it a few times. Put the ice block into the microwave and take it back out.

Remix Level 8-10 (Giant Enemy Crab)

  • Spawn a catapult and put it next to you
  • Spawn a grenade
  • Interact the catapult, so the rock hits the 2nd Samurai
  • Quickly put the grenade in the catapult
  • Use the catapult and run over to the first samurai
  • Grab one of the swords

Remix Level 9-10

  • Spawn a cannon and put it to the left of you
  • Interact with the cannon
  • Blow a bear over to you with a "Stuck Air Vent"
  • Trash the air vent
  • Put the bear in the cannon
  • Interact with the cannon
  • When the Starite appears, spawn a ridable boomerang
  • Ride the boomerang
  • Spawn a "klepto God"
  • Tap the area above the starite
  • When you're over the starite, dismount your boomerang
  • Notsocool Deliveries Co. is not responsible for fire damage to the teddy bear

Alex, how many words are there?

I'm sure there are over 9000 adjectives and over 9000 objects.

Super Scribblenauts 4-1/Scribblenauts Remix 8-9

|Stars1 |3 |}


"Starite get!"


Touch the box on the top right corner from under

  • Zero object solution: Jump on to the green pipe chunk and quickly jump onto the platform before the man-eating plant kills you. Walk to the edge of the platform. Go to the right. You'll automatically jump and hit the box.
  • Use wings to touch the box


This is a reference to Super Mario Brothers.

  • Bottom Left Box=Coin
  • Bottom Right Box=Mushroom
  • Top Left Box=Red Firebreathing Flower
  • Top Right Box=Starite
  • You can activate 3 boxes without items.
  • Open the bottom left corner box by running to the first step, then quickly turn around at the same time you jump.
  • Open the top left corner by running to the bottom left box, then turning around. After you touch it, you have to jump. There a chance that you'll not jump after you touch the bottom left box.
  • Open the top right box with the solution shown.
  • You must actually touch the box from below. No projectiles.
  • Using an "Absent" potion, "Random" potion, death, or other ways to destroy the box before you hit it will not cause you to lose. Ex. You fly up and stand over the box. You apply an absent potion to it. It disappears. You don't get a game over.


  • Magic is an interesting way to make this bug.
  • Super X


This adjective makes objects instantly respawn when destroyed. This means that you can make someone endlessly eat food, make a fireball into one million, make an endless meteor shower, and more However, this means that bombs will constantly be exploding, fireballs, batteries and other stuff such as glass, fragile items, and electronics will constantly be poofing away in water, causing lag. Also using the tar pit glitch to make a hole, then dropping a nuke to the bottom of the world will cause lag from the repeated nuclear explosions. Meteors have the same potential. A meteor shower won't really be endless. It will only be a few seconds of a crazy storm, then it will stop completely. The rock won't disappear. If you put another meteor shower rock over the previous one, they will keep overlapping the other, because of their respawning. Also, making another "Meteor Shower" will not cause the shower. You can't delete the respawning rock. The plasma simply rolls off it.

Using a resurrective potion on a pre-existing monster will make that monster respawn every time you kill it.

Resurrective objects will not keep their adjectives

See also: Metempsychic


  • If you spawn a resurrective meteor shower on a level where the Starite magically appears when you finish, it will reactivate when the Starite appears
  • On levels, Ex. 7-3 Remix. If you drop a nitro basketball, the batter will die after the Star appears

Also Imminent ball


Using an absent potion on an object will cause that object to disappear, because it is absent. Some objects that grab it, or some that you put in their hands, or if you applied it to, will not disappear. It will simply freeze, where objects normally poof into thin air


A random object will randomly turn into another object, living or inanimate. However, random will also cause that object to come to life. Bug: Using a random potion on the archeologist in Remix level 8-7 to turn him into another object, then killing that object, will not make you lose. Absent potions, Temporary potions, and magic will.

Jumping higher

"Hopping" causes the said NPC to jump higher, but also makes them do an animation. Hopping also adds effect to jet shoes. When you make them handheld, they still work. You can jump slightly higher by using "hopping" on jet shoes. Pogo sticks also work

Bugs #2

Using "Unavoidable earthbound immortal" on hover boards, skateboards, and surfboards will sometimes make you fall off if you go too fast.

  • Vehicles with caterpillar tracks, such as halftracks and tanks, will go faster than vehicles using wheels.
  • On Remix, a direction changing technique (Going a direction, holding the other side, going the opposite direction instantly by taking off the finger) bug will be most visible these adjectives.
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