5 Minute Members

Barney Big P.S

Barney Big is a developed human in Scribblenauts and lasts for 5 Minutes and has no bottom wear.

Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson is an available NPC in Scribblenauts Unlisted. He only lasts for 5 Minutes.

When spawned he will evolve to a consumable scare cat wearing a radio.

The update in Scribblenauts Unlisted, the P is now eliminated and has a dragon shirt. That gives him the ability to glide. Update spawning scarecat with a radio on his head, gives you the use of spawning Fishycat, the cat's name. But if any other species or any other scarecats near Fishycat, will make him have a love emoji.

Akien Sandgar

Akien Sandgar is many of the character for 5 minute appearances. If near Zayano, Zayano will become wet. Then she will spawn America Sandgar Bejo Sandgar. If his property is touched, he will attack the object that touched his property. He'll eat treats, and he never fears demons.

Female Type

If a Female Akien Sandgar is near Zayano Sandgar, Akien is speak back acting like a female (or crashes a symbol) then she will want to know about Zayano.

Alax Dickson

Alax Dickson is developed for 5 minutes, and can be spawned in Scribblenauts.

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