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[[File:24008662 2059463310747212 144640400 n (2).png|thumb|220px|right|One of my work in Paint.net]]
[[File:24008662 2059463310747212 144640400 n (2).png|thumb|220px|''One of my works.''Via Paint.net]]
This is my Profile, a useless profile. Go away.
This is my Profile, a useless profile. Go away.

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One of my works.Via Paint.net

This is my Profile, a useless profile. Go away.

Junior Editor. I may not know all the kinds of stuff on the wikia.

I like editing on the wiki, and i like games.

I have plenty of items on backpack which is garbage.

I'm a Memer. Please don't dislike me :)

My favorite pages


Mostly, I play League of Legends and TF2 or sometimes use SFM. I really like animating and stuff. I also like FPS Games. I'm not professional but just a normal typical player.


  • What i like the most is playing LoL, and TF2.
  • My old games (Which i'm not using it anymore) are Payday 2, Paladins, and DotA 2. (When i was young i would play DotA 2 when i got age, i used to playing LoL now.)
  • I personally have a childhood games like Minecraft and Grandchase. The others i still haven't remembered.


Facts about myself (If you manage to read this far.)

  • I'm 14 Y/o i was born year 2003. (And counting.)
  • I'm currently living on South East Asia.
  • I have Spiky ping (even i got da best conenction.)
  • I'm just living a normal life.
  • I'm student; High School; 3rd Year to be exact. (And also counting.)
  • I also like making things on Paint.net. My name on steam is Lt. Neo (particularly, my original name is Neoskizzle.)
  • Trying hard to practice on Ps and Pr even though i don't own one (and any other editing programs.)
  • Trying paid games on crack before buying it.
  • For any game platforms i always like to add 'Neo' and 'Skizzle' on it.
  • I like Music and Bass Drops. (ex. Trndsttr Lucian remix)
  • I like Felix Ulf Arvid Kjellberg.
  • I like foods. And Desserts with vanilla on it. Like a Vanilla Frappe.

More facts about me

  • I always experiment adjectives on items on SU.
  • I LIKE THE FREAKIN' 'Automatic Invulnerable Winged Rocket Launcher' IT'S SUCH A BEUT!

(You might cower in fear because i just use an unoriginal unfunny thing on my profile thats great!)

  • I really like weapons. I'm a weirdo aren't i? (Please don't think me like that :) )
  • My favorite Adjectives for Maxwell are 'Xenolith', 'Flying', 'Hardened', 'Invulnerable', and 'Healing'.
  • My Favorite Adjectives for Animals and others are 'Ridable', 'Tamed', 'Friendly', 'Hardened', 'Fire-breathing', 'Frost Breathing', 'Healing' or 'Regenerating', and 'Flying'.
  • I like adjectives that are 'Good-sized', 'Big', 'Huge', and 'Colossal' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • I also like adjectives that are 'Small', 'Tiny', and 'Molecular'. ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)
  • I use adjectives on guns like 'Sphinxian' or 'Winged' to get fancy visuals. For 'Sphinxian', it will turn an object to brown scaly object and making alive but hostile. So i can spawn of them with 'Friendly' adjective. The purpose of this is Stacking all the guns at the same time. Pretty awesome right? Still don't get it? I spawn a Giant, good-sized and small Assault guns with 'Sphinxian' adjective to it, i pick up the Giant one and the Good-sized one was dragged into the Giant one and the small one is dragged on the Good-sized one. So if you attack certain thing it will multiple it :D Because it is alive!
  • I randomly add nonsense things on the wikia don't sue me pls!

List of things i have on backpack on SU

  1. (Unfinished)
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