aka Neoskizzle

  • I live in Why?
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Cute

This is my Profile, a useless profile. Go away.

Junior Editor. I may not know all the kinds of stuff in the wikia.

I like editing on the wiki, and i like games.

I have plenty of items on backpack which is garbage.

My favorite pages


Mostly, I play League of Legends and TF2 or sometimes use SFM. I really like animating and stuff. I also like FPS Games. I'm not professional but just a normal typical player.


  • What i like the most is playing LoL, and TF2.
  • My old games (Which i'm not using it anymore) are Payday 2, Grandchase, (This shit is old) Paladins, and DotA 2. (When i was young i would play DotA 2 when i got age, i used to playing LoL now.)


Facts about myself (If you manage to read this far.)

  • I'm 14 Y/o i was born year 2003. (And counting.)
  • I'm currently living on South East Asia.
  • I have Spiky ping (even i got da best conenction.)
  • I'm just living a normal life.
  • I'm student; High School; 3rd Year to be exact. (And also counting.)
  • I also like making things on My name on steam is Lt. Neo (particularly, my original name is Neoskizzle.)
  • Trying hard to practice on Ps and Pr even though i don't own one (and any other editing programs.)
  • Trying paid games on crack before buying it.
  • For any game platforms i always like to add 'Neo' and 'Skizzle' on it.
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