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Hello user! I'm Fan People=maker 2, and I'll just skip to the point.

I'm the same person as the original Fan People=maker, but I forgot the password, so I made this user name! I have some sort of issue called PDD(I forgot what it stands for). I think it's like, a mental issue of some sort. Anyways, I have Scribblenauts, and Super Scribblenauts, and they are both awesome! I was supprised when I found out Maxwell had a sister. Something tells me that she's the prototype of Maxwell, the supposed brother. I think that Maxwell has a brother too, due to the word, "twin" in Super Scribblenauts producing a doppelganger.

Well, that's all. See ya folks!


 Fan People=maker 2 20:07, June 1, 2011 (UTC)
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