Maxwell the scribblenaut

  • I live in nowhere
  • My occupation is nothing
  • I am Dead. All your friends are dead. They were pierced in the heart. Now die.
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if you drop a very small object from high, it will fall through the ground and out of our lives
Well, anyway, if you need to ask me anything about scribblenauts or super, or anything, ask me on my talk page.[[File:Awesomness2.gif|thumb|left]]
Dont be afraid to ask. DO NOT.
If you're a fan of scribblenauts,''' THIS '''site is for you.
How much do '''YOU''' know about scribblenauts?
===Take the [[User:Maxwell the scribblenaut/Quiz question 1|quiz]]!===
Ive been here since about 2 months after this wiki was created (Ive been here 3 years!). However, at that time, i just edited here as an anon. This wiki has changed so much since then... [[User:Maxwell the scribblenaut/Wiki History|Read More...]][[File:Smiley.gif]]
The secret page can be found by typing this code into the search bar
<nowiki><p style="text-align: center">'''<font color="#ff0000">M</font><font color="#ffa500">a</font><font color="#ffff00">x</font><font color="#008000">w</font><font color="#0000ff">e</font><font color="#4b0082">l</font><font color="#ee82e">l</font> ROCKS! <span style="font-family:Forte">[[User:Maxwell the scribblenaut|<span style="color:blue">Maxwell</span>]] [[User talk:Maxwell the scribblenaut|<span style="color:green">the scribblenaut</span>]]|<span style="color:blue">[[File:Maxwell_lolzzzz.jpg]][[Special:Contributions/Maxwell the scribblenaut|Contibutions]] </span></span>'''</p></nowiki>

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if you drop a very small object from high, it will fall through the ground and out of our lives


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