Maxwells hamster

aka Expensive cupcake

  • I live in Garbanzo beans!
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Scribblenauts
  • I am A Male human with blood elf ears

Have you seen this man?

380 curse-you-villain

Curse you villain!

Th th1238065319 hamster eating broccol

BWAHAHAHAA finnally i stoled ur only veggie!


Dont mess with me or i shall fire meh lazor

Robot Hamster
Hai Uhmm im maxwells hamster just call me hamster

The ninja is holding a Necronomicon.

I HATE shake it up it's weird I like adventure time with fin and jake,zeke and Luther,the regular show,portlandia,everybody hates Chris,flapjack,Saturday night live.And my favorite games are ,bully,super scribblenauts,Zelda,roblox,mine craft,fantasy online,everybody edits,world of Warcraft,loco Roco,etc. My true potential is a turquiose rouge fire type ninja of light.

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