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My favorite character in my favorite one time outfit!! If you can design this version please do!

Hello! I am a transgirl named Megan who loves Miss Martian enough to base her entire future off of her!


  • I am the girl who discovered the hack free "@" Method for Scribblenauts Unmasked. See so below, as I typed on the page, or as I edited it on the "@" Method page.

"Go to a object under script in the hero creator, edit the script to the following:

When this object

is created

create an object (edit it to make it create angel wings)

Save and exit create an object and re-enter it you will see a @ next to angel wings. Then type in @genderblaster or some other @ object (see listing onsite) and exit the hero editor.

You can now summon them without it by using the repeat tool in the journal."

  • I also discovered that if you turn Lily evil and spawn Scarecrow there is a chance of Edgar spawning with a new Lily and turning her to stone without the Curse Breaking Cane.

    Edgar turning Lily to stone!