I am RhythmWalker or Rhythm for short. I feel like not knowing about Scribblenauts Remix makes me stupid, but I did play the original, Super, and Unlimited. Okay Scribblenauts is not the only games I play; I also play Star Fox, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and other games (yes I also play Mario games).


I often daydream even when in school, but I still get decent grades and I find my life very boring. Video games and music is what takes me away from reality which I like, I never like the real world anyway. Despite that, I have friends, well 3 of them being from my elementary and 1 who I just met in high school, they all are smart. I don't like noisy and talkative people it's just annoying to me, thankfully writing and daydreaming blocks the noises and I leave reality. I tend to be very sarcastic and some can't even tell if I'm being sarcastic or if I really mean it. Indoors is where I stay most of the time so I suck at gym T^T. Gym is the only subject that I can't get at least a C+, my other subjects are okay they're always Bs and As.


I chose the username RhythmWalker since I am good with rhythm games and 'Walker' just came from 'Windwalker' (a class from Dragon Nest).

Shadow is adorable :3

Favorite Characters

Now I can't tell all of my favorite characters, but to narrow it down...most of them are guys and some are girls that are able to do something instead of waiting for a man to save them. Shadow is one of my favorite characters in Scribblenauts, but he isn't the only one. Glum, Leon, Scratch, and Tanc are my favorite too. Well I can only tell some and I did. :P


  • Read books
  • Write stories
  • Play video games
  • Watch anime
  • Use the internet

My life is boring >.<

Other Facts

  • I don't watch TV that often, which means I don't know celebrities. Even the obvious ones.
  • When being sarcastic I often end with 'genius' or 'idiot' (e.g. "It's 64, genius!")
  • My 3DS games are all in E10+ (this will be taken off once I have a game in a differant rating).
  • When walking it's hard to hear my footsteps.
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