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"A symphony of imagination" -RhythmWalker

I am RhythmWalker or Takame (pronouced Ta-ka-meh). I feel like not knowing about Scribblenauts Remix makes me stupid, but I did play the original, Super, Unlimited, and Unmasked. Okay Scribblenauts is not the only games I play. I also play Star Fox, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, LEGO games and other games (yes I also play Mario games).


I chose the username RhythmWalker since I am good with rhythm games and 'Walker' just came from 'Windwalker' (a class from Dragon Nest). RhythmWalker is also the name I chose for my Windwalker as her skill called Show Time reminded me of Raphael from Rhythm Thief.

Favorite Characters

Now I can't tell all of my favorite characters, but to narrow it down...most of them are guys and some are girls that are able to do something instead of waiting for a man to save them. Shadow is one of my favorite characters in Scribblenauts, but he isn't the only one. Glum, Leon, Scratch, Rex, Chase, Kenpo and Tanc are my favorite too. Well I can only tell some and I did. :P


  • Read books
  • Write stories
  • Play video games
  • Watch anime
  • Use the internet
  • My life is boring >.<

Other Facts

  • I don't watch TV that often, which means I don't know celebrities. Even the obvious ones.
  • When being sarcastic I often end with 'genius' or 'idiot' (e.g. "It's 64, genius!")
  • I can write Katakana and a little of Hiragana (Japanese writting).