The game i found is awesome! but i feel weird when i play it,becuz it's to childs,but also PewDiePie plays dat,and very many youtubers.So everyone can play Scribblenauts!

Now about me.I'm not a child,and i'm not a woman.XD.I'm a man.

Now about me(really) [don't show contests on this page,this will creep you out]



My name is Szymon(this is a polish name,so sorry for bad english on this page) and last name Tański.I have a labrador retriever named Ozir,and it's cute :-3 i have also a parrot,named Żółta(Yellow in Polish) because she have yellow color of feathers(and everything :P) i have TF2 on my computer.And here is information about my pets.Ozir is 4 years old,but he's big (and cuuuuute :-3) he's also biscuit-colored..and he's rly funny :-D i have also some games,that i don't play,like:PayDay2 or Skyrim(FUS RO DAH!!!) my dog is really awesome and he was not buyed,he was founded on Wolin's beach.He had one...i don't know,some sort of.....kidney? in his leg broken.(Effect of this is:shaking(shaking the leg) when he's tired or when he's stressed.)in TF2(Team Fortress 2) i don't play it very much,but i play it only when i'm bored.I have Tomislav on Heavy,Sydney Sleeper on Sniper(and also jarate) Sandman and Mad Milk on Scout,Jag,and Gunslinger on Engineer,Cow Mangler 5000,and Beggar's Bazookaon on Soldier(and also reserve shooter) Lollichop,Powerjack,Axtinguisher on Pyro,on Spy i have Diamondback,Ambassador,Red-Tape recorder,Forgotten King's Restless Head and Claidheamh Mòr on Demoman(sorry,from this fragment i 

start typing fat letters)                                                                                                                                                                      




                                                                                                                                                                                                                          this is the worst page i've ever seen.Go to this page to see what this mean.                  or to this page(PS.this is the jump academy page). 

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