File:Red Dude
I am an ALL-over artsy person, love Singing, Dancing, Acting, Music, Drawing, Painting, Crafting, Writing and any other artsy thing!

I am a really nice, kind person, and I won't be mean at all.

I LOVE the Beatles, have a cute black lab named Chuck, a REALLY annoying little brother.

I have strawberry/dirty blond hair with blue eyes.

I've been in numerous musicals, and would love to meet people who share that interest!

I have/had a REALLY messy room and craft table, but they are *mostly* clean now!

My favorite animals are cheetahs and mockingbirds, and though I don't like sports, I love sprinting like a
cheetah for the fun of it.

I am pretty shy, though I don't seem like it when I am writing. I would love to talk to you!

Oh yeah, and my birthday is February 17!

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