Guten Tag! Goom here, again attempting to rid this scavenging world of uncertainty and avid Scribblenaut. This series has inspired me so frivolously to improve the lexicon I enjoy, and therefore I consider this game quintessential to the druid-like ecclesiastical worship of the English language. Simply put, go Maxwell, ya little Rooster-headed scamp, you.

Scribblenaut Projects

Firstly, any Goomiacs here will know that I have been attempted (admittedly unsuccesfully) to write a game-based comedy known as the Smash Bros Smash Show. When my animators pulled their fingers from out of their Circle Pads, I should be able to make my scripts flourish on those little screens we adore on YouTube. Nevertheless, I am delighted to inform you that Maxwell makes an appearance in a Scribblenauts-based episode entitled; "Write Me A Death". As you can guess, there are sinister applications, and yet Maxwell was a joy to write for. It's a pity his contract negotiations were so intense. A sequel is planned also: "Write Me A Death 2: Maxwell Re-Worded", so keep your retinas ready.

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