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"Vell, Toastmonster's just zis guy, you know?"

Cyber Suit

Lists of all objects in Scribblenauts Unlimited, broken down by category:

Audio Category Complete Big Category Complete Bird Category Complete Building Objects
Clothes Category Complete Container Creature Category Complete Easter Egg Category Complete
Electronics Category Complete Entertainment Environment Category Complete Fish Category Complete
Food Category Complete Furniture Gameplay Human Category Complete
Insect Category Complete Mammal Materials Misc
Organic Plants Reptile Category Complete Tool
Vehicle Category Complete Weapon

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Give Hansel and Gretal a GPS to find their way home, and what do they do?

Hansel and Gretal

Leaving a trail of GPS units..

Try to teach me a lesson, will you? Steal.. Use.. REVENGE!


Stole Edgar's Magic Cane and used it on him!

This cat really doesn't want to let go of that tree!

Persistant Cat

Strongest cat ever.

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