I thought to have ditched Wikia. But I am bored.

I am strict, but I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. This is what I follow while I edit this Wiki:

  • I do not believe in galleries. I may remove galleries, and forgive me if I do. It's just that when your editing the address of the images that are in pages, it is a hassle to do just that in galleries. If I was to ever get the permission to delete pages, it wouldn't really matter if you revert my edit. It doesn't seem that I have to remove galleries though, right now.
  • On the account of images:
    • I do not believe that ANY images should be in the file format that is .jpg, especially the fact that this is a gaming site. The file format that is .jpg should be used only in photos. There should be no photos in this Wiki really.
    • I believe that every image's name should have an algorithm and every image should be categorized to an category that should ultimately be in a category whose category 's category should eventually have the category: Category:Images.
On account of the algorithm... the algorithm I have made myself is: (N or S or R (N being Normal Scribblenauts, S being Super Scribblenauts and R being Scribblenauts Remix)/1, 2, 3, 4... (2 being used if 1 is already being used and so on)) and finally away from the parenthesis, the name of the object. As for now this is only used for sprites.
  • I do not believe that the "thumb" tab should be used in infoboxes or tables and etc...
  • There are many others to be listed.

I have not edit in Wikia for a long time. I am unfamiliar with Chat. I have wasted my time editing an independent Wiki. I am not a master at making templates or tables and I never will be. Forgive me.

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