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CandD CandD 23 February 2014

Here lies my computer

As some of you may know. I've sorta came to a halt while editing here. And... I feel rather guilty. But, there's a legitimate cause to all that. Recently, my computer decided to kill itself, which is bad. All my bookmarks, images, everything. Now, I am currently fixing it, but in the meantime I'm forced to use either my terrible laptop, or my old PC. That about sums everything up....

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CandD CandD 23 July 2013

Summer Bummer

I'd like to officially re-welcome myself back into the community after three weeks of luxurious vacation! At the least to say, most of it was fabu, asides from the fact that I fell hostage to a virus moving around the area and was weak for almost half of the trip.

As with every year, I head off with a few family members to the "Amish Country" of Pennsylvania (USA). We stay at a quiet Mennonite Bed & Breakfast for about three weeks, seeing sights and going shopping every once in a while. About half a week in, I began to feel sickly and turned up with a massive headache. The next morning I awoke to a fever, upset stomach and splitting headache, along with a puny feeling and sore joints.

After about a week I had believed that I was over it unti…

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CandD CandD 8 April 2013


Hey there! In this post, I'm going to be updating ya'll on a few things I've added or tried to work on.

Recently I created a template for pages linked to disambiguations, much like the one found on Wikipedia that links to the other page or back to the disambiguation. The template is named under Template:SeeAlso.The template can be seen below.

The template has it's instructions imbedded into it, so there's no need for a walk-through.

I've shown interest recently into a template for Scribblenauts Unlimited levels, I attempted this by working from the default object infobox with no success.

This post, I'd like to give kudos to Toastmonster for assisting me in creating a drop-box and for sharing his images. With this we can bear down on the worklo…

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CandD CandD 31 December 2012

1 Year Wikia

Hey there all! I'm here to say congratulations to myself for being on Wikia (and this wiki) for over one year! This was the first wiki I've ever been on and I'de like to thank everyone here for contributing towards making this wiki a better place! To start off the ceremony, lets review on how I got here.

So one day last year (around november or so), I had purchased Super Scribblenauts. Well, my vocabulary back then was extremely lacking compared to how it is now. So apparently I had just been randomly searching the web (Google, actually) for random Scribblenauts based material. Well, the first link that appeared was a link to here. I instanly followed the link and noticed a gold mine full of wonderful words! My original quest was to expand m…

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CandD CandD 5 July 2012

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since I've actually DONE anything besides fix mistakes and thank random wiki contributors for making needed edits. So I've devised a plan to get back on track!

  • Ich habe beschlossen, mich erstellen einen Arbeitsplan, der eher der Schule klingt (weil ich gerade aus der Schule ..)! Ich werde versuchen und machen alle Waffen Seiten!!

I'm getting all their pictures and adding new pages, such an the Rail Gun!!!!!!!!!! I'm also going to hopefully save up computer times for certain days and have a schedule something like this....:

Monday- Scribblenauts wiki! I'm going to make mostly edits here, so this wiki can get better.

Tuesday- Nitrome Wiki and Insaniquarium Wiki! Just so I can at least help every so often.

Wednesday- Whatever I want…

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