Ok. So last night (5/30/12) I was just foolin around on Super Scribblenauts. Making the whale glitch I found out more enjoyable by making them kill each other too :) . Well I decide, if the whales can swim in the dirt, why can't Maxwell?

Instantly I spawned a Tiny Flying submarine. IT WAS THE BEST IDEA I HAD EVER HAD! I could travel anywhere underground. On the basic map, I made a hidden underground base that can't be reached unless you go through the watershed or whatever it was. Although I probably should revise that and make it to where there is enough space to leave as well.... :/

On my copy of WarioWare DIY, I had just completed my Scribblenauts game! (which is called Scribblenauts, because only that would fit.) LOW graphics quality, but excellent AI! sadly its only sold about eight copies :/

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