(Probably just Rhythmwalker and Nintendalek, but whatevs)

For whatever reason, Maxwell the Scribblenaut (an admin that precedes me who hasn't been active in pretty much years) got hacked by tornadospeed (I'm thinking they're real life friends and tornadospeed was messing around on his account). Anyways, during this, he blocked Nintendalek and deleted both of your pages as well as mine. He also changed the theme into a hidious unreadable black-on-blacktext theme. His account has since then been blocked indefinetly till we can get this worked out. If you need a page restored or didn't get unblocked or something, leave a message on your or my talk page and I'll fix it.

Sorry about the extended leave. Consider me semi-retired at this point. I'll be checking in on the wiki a couple times a week but probably not making any real content edits.

Also, if either of you wants adminship, message me and you'll probably get it.

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