Reversinator Reversinator 5 June 2012

Trailer for Scribblenauts Unlimited

Here's the E3 trailer for the new addition to the series, Scribblenauts Unlimited. New features include custom objects, huge worlds, a plot, multiplayer, and HD graphics.

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Reversinator Reversinator 5 March 2012

How To Add Images Via Remix

Hello, my name's Reversinator, and I'll be explaining how to take images with Scribblenauts Remix. With the new update to the game, you can take photos and then upload them to Facebook. This tool can also be used to obtain images for articles.

First, take a stand-alone photo of whatever your article subject is. It's best if there is nothing else in the shot, emotions included. Then, go to the Facebook account you uploaded the image to and save the image. Thirdly, using an image editor like Paint, crop the image so that only your article subject is shown. I use Paint.NET specifically, mainly because it's the only one I have, but also because it's easy to crop images. Simply use the "rectangle select" button in the tools side-bar to make a re…

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