On 11th March, Matt Cox took part in a Q&A session on the popular website

Here's what he wrote:

Hi folks. My name's Matt Cox and I was in the games industry for several years working on titles like Destroy All Humans (THQ) and was the lead on the million-selling Scribblenauts for DS (WB, 5TH Cell). I walked away from the games industry to start a church in Lawrence, KS and on the way out I was offered a design position on Halo 4 that I had to turn down.

Now I'm three years into the church and am starting to make small games on the side again. My first title out of the industry was Sticky Bees for iOS and am currently raising Kickstarter money for the sequel since our story is featured in April's Game Informer magazine out this month!

Ask me anything!


Edit: More proof:

EDIT: I will be here until 3pm EST trying to answer as much as I can! Keep coming!

EDIT: Thanks for all the questions during the first 2 straight hours! I will try to answer the ones I didn't get to throughout the night. Thanks again!

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