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Toastmonster Toastmonster 24 January 2013

List of 5th Cell members is now complete!

I can now say with complete confidence that the list of 5th Cell members is now 100% complete.

Using my speadsheet and filtering by the DEVELOPER SubCategory it's possible to see entire the list.

It also reveals the nice detail about whether the character is a DEVFRIEND or SECRETZ.

  • DEVFRIEND are friends, family and colleagues of the developers.
  • SECRETZ are people who worked on the game and are probably actually employed by 5th Cell.

The last few characters that I added are not mentioned anywhere in the credits, nor are they spawned by the Win Button or You objects. The only way to discover them is to either know about their existence beforehand, or to examine the game files like I have done.

It's obvious from many of the names, and by the age of…

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Toastmonster Toastmonster 24 January 2013

The object with the longest name is...

At 39 letters long.. excluding spaces.. it's.. WACKYWAVINGINFLATABLEARMFLAILINGTUBEMAN!

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Toastmonster Toastmonster 24 January 2013

I have a list of EVERY OBJECT in SU

I have extracted a list of every single object in the game. Here's a preview:

This spreadsheet has 6,065 rows.  Everything is in capital letters, and there are no spaces in any of the words.  They are still spawnable without the spaces.

Needless to say, this is awesome.

Edit: The list has now been processed and spaces added where needed and words converted to their correct capitalisation. Thanks to User:Nintendalek42, User:LargeVirus and User:Psychicken17 for their help with that!

I have created individual blog posts with all of the objects categorised. See the table below for links:

Building Objects

Easter Egg





The one on my profile User:Toastmonster has indicators added for when an entire category has been completed, where a p…

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Toastmonster Toastmonster 24 January 2013

Couple of things learned from the 1s file

There are mentions of:

  • A MALL level
  • A STADIUM level
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Toastmonster Toastmonster 23 January 2013

So, I transcribed the entire SU end credits sequence

I transcribed the entire ending credits sequence of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

You can see the results here.

I've been going through the list and adding hyperlinks for the names that exist as avatars in the game. I think I'm far enough down the list now that I'm not going to find any more valid ones, so I'm going to stop now.

For those characters that do exist, I've created their Wiki pages. I think the list of 5th Cell members might finally be complete.

If you find any on the list that exist but aren't hyperlinked yet, do please add the hyperlink and I'll create the page for them. Or, you could create the page yourself, of course.

Toastmonster (talk) 15:54, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

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