Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor


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Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul

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Wayne Manor is the residence of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. It's also an unlockable level in Scribblenauts Unmasked.

Objects and NPCs

Intro: Alfred Pennyworth, Pedestal, Bust, Feather Duster, Rubble

Wayne Manor: Alfred Pennyworth, Gate, Bruce Wayne, Beauty, Businessman, Businesswoman, Commodore, Major, First Lady, Singer, Maid, General of the Army, President, Groom, Opera Singer, Butler, Groomsman, First Gentleman, Official, Batman, Smoke, Ra's Al Ghul, Doppelganger, Assassin (League of Assassins), David Cane, Sniper Rifle, Merlyn, Bow (Weapon), Lady Shiva, Dragon Wings, Starite


Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul

Lily: You must enter the drawing room from the balcony.
Solution: Create a flying vehicle, wings or a spring board, and go to the balcony.

Lily: Something black tie should blend in well.
Solution: Create any piece of clothing and equip it.

Lily: Walk around the party to root out the henchman.
Solution: Just walk around the level, eventually the villain will spawn.

Lily: Something! Anything! A bat!
Solution: Spawn a bat.

Lily: Stop those assassins!
Solution: Create some weapon and super-heroes to help you fight the bad guys.

Lily: You did it! Grab the Starite!
Solution: Run towards the Starite.

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