There are 26 shards in the Weapon category.

Projectile saliva!

  • Convince a camel to expel its excess saliva!
    • To complete: Ride a camel and use the "spit" option.

Don't bug me!

  • Use bug spray to exterminate some dangerous flying insects with stingers!
    • To complete: Use bug spray on a wasp or bee.

You say potato, I say projectile!

  • Use a weapon that fires potatoes!
    • To complete: Use a potato gun, or a potato launcher.

Tank commander!

  • Get in a tank and give the order to fire!
    • To complete: Hop in a tank and fire it.

Boom goes the...

  • Use an explosive that looks like a bundle of long red candles!
    • To complete: Set off TNT.

Tanks for playing!

  • Throw an anti-tank grenade at something it was made to destroy!
    • To complete: Blow up a tank with an anti-tank grenade.

Pyrotechnically awesome!

  • Light the fuse on a string of small noise making explosives!
    • To complete: Set off some firecrackers

I'd stake your life on it!

  • Use a wooden stake to take out an immortal blood sucking creature!
    • To complete: Stab a Vampire with a stake. (Really you follow up by chopping its head off.)

Poke em with the sparkly end!

  • Get a cow moving by prodding it with a device designed to do such!
    • To complete: Zap a cow with a cattle prod.


  • Use a gas powered saw that has blades on a chain to cut down a tree!
    • To complete: Destroy a tree with a chainsaw.

Bang bang!

  • Apply a metallic adjective that usually signifies second place to a common tool used with nails to make it more shiny and more valuable!
    • To complete: Spawn Silver Hammer

Nice and toasty!

  • Use a weapon that shoots flames!
    • To complete: Spawn and use a Flamethrower.

At home on the range!

  • Create a sniper and a building where the sniper can practice shooting!
    • To complete: Make a Sniper near a shooting range.

Don't cross me!

  • Shoot an arrow from a weapon that is shaped like a cross!

Love struck!

  • Shoot an arrow from a bow that causes people to fall in love!
    • To complete: Fire Cupid's Bow.

Holier than thou!

  • Use holy water to destroy a creature!
    • To complete: Throw Holy Water at the ghost.

Nailed it!

  • Fire some nails from a gun that shoots them!
    • To complete: Fire a nail gun.

Sweet dreams!

  • Put someone or something to sleep by shooting them with a tranquilizer!
    • To complete: Shoot a living object with a tranquilizer gun.

You summoned?

  • See what happens when you use a necronomicon!
    • To complete: Use the Necronomicon.

I'm a wizard!

  • Use a magic wand to do some magic!
    • To complete: Zap anything with a (magic) wand.

Ouch my eye!

  • Use a lance to blind a humanlike monster that has only one eye!
    • To complete: Spawn a Cyclops and attack him with a lance.

Foiled again!

  • Pick up a sword used in the sport of fencing and use it against another fencer!
    • To complete: Spawn a Epee and a Fencer. Attack the Fencer.


  • Use objects to play a round of rock - paper - scissors!
    • To complete: Make two of the three items: scissors, paper, and rock. Use one of those items on the other. (ex.) Use scissors on paper.

I can shoot!

  • Use a rifle that shoots accurately from long distances to shoot a can!

William Tell!

  • Use the weapon of an archer to shoot an apple!
    • To complete: Shoot an apple with a bow.

Free man!

  • Use a crowbar to break open a type of wooden container that shipments are delivered in!
    • To complete: Thwack a wooden crate with a crowbar.


  • The shard Bang bang! is a a reference to the Beatles' song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".
  • The shard Free man! is a reference to the Half-Life series in which the protagonist's main weapon is a crowbar.
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