An evil creature that will attack Maxwell if given the chance, To defeat it, you can use conventional weapons (Swords, Guns, Grenades ETC.), or you can render it Non-hostile by summoning a sun, or possibly using silver.


  • Certain things turn into it during a Full Moon.
  • It will attack anyone else around.
  • Changes back to a human if the moon dissapears, or if attacked with Silver.
  • If wolves can be found on the level, they will treat the werewolf as an Alpha, and follow him around until he is removed/humanized.
  • Another word for werewolf is Lycanthrope.
  • Oddly, if a Moon or Full Moon is placed, the Werewolf will turn into a man, other than the other way around. This is useful in levels where a Werewolf is an enemy (Specifically level P9-5.)


In some versions of Scribblenauts, there is a glitch where a Villain will turn into a Werewolf, but will quickly turn into a Man when under a Full Moon. Werewolves also turn into a Man if a Full Moon is placed.

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