There are many kinds of wings in the Scribblenauts games. This is a list of the spawnable variants.




  • Batwing Wings
  • Black Condor's Wings
  • Bumblebee's Wings
  • Cachiru's Wings
  • Chrysalis Wings
  • Firehawk's Wings
  • Golden Eagle's Wings
  • Gray Lady Wings
  • Hawkgirl's Wings
  • Hawkman's Wings
  • Hawkwoman's Wings
  • Insect Queen Wings
  • Kreaven (Remove from Kreaven)
  • Ramey Holl's Wings
  • Red Bee's Wings
  • Ryan Kendall's Wings
  • Skitter's Wings
  • Hawkgirl Wind Elemental Wings
  • Hawkman Wind Elemental Wings
  • Zauriel Wings


  • Asmodel Wings
  • Bleez's Wings
  • Charaxes' Wings
  • Chrysalis' Wings
  • Cobalt Blue's Wings
  • Fireflys Wings
  • Goth's Wings
  • Hawkgirl's Wings (Appear on Bizarro HG)
  • Hawkgirl Black Lantern Wings
  • Hawkman Black Lantern Wings
  • Killer Moth Wings
  • Black Condor's Wings (Appear in brown on NorthWind)
  • Parademon Wings
  • Silver Swan's Wings (On Silver Swan III)

Please note that I typed these just as I found written one by one in the game.


There are probably many more wings in the game, so if you do know anymore it would help if you can you put them on to the list.

Please Note: All the wings except the normal wings, Insect Wings, Dragon Wings, Bat Wings and Butterfly Wings are only available in Scribblenauts Unlimited/Unmasked.

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