A witch is a humanoid type creature. The witch will have green skin, a witch's hat (the witch's hat will be different from a Witch Hat), and a black robe similar to an Abaya. Witches will carry a Magic Wand and if a witch doesn't have a wand (an example of a witch not having a wand would be a Godmother turning a Magic Wand into a Rose), a witch will pick up any summoned wand. She will attack almost any living creature and turn them into a Frog. She also tries to attack Maxwell, but the protaganist is unaffected by the wand's Green Magic.


  • A witch will protect anything wearing a Witch Hat and other witches and warlocks.
  • A witch will die if she touches Ice, Water, Snow, Hail, or any other form of water.
  • A witch will be attracted to Newts, Pixie Dust, Cauldrons, body parts (Legs, Arms, ect.), and organs (Spleen, Brain, ect.).
  • Witches will eat Mice, Rats, Eyeballs, and frogs.
  • Some things a witch will not attack are warlocks, fairies, Ghosts, Zombies, polterguists, or the Flatwoods Monster.
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