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Wonder Woman

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Hostile towards villains.


Diana Prince, Princess Diana

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Scribblenauts Unmasked

Wonder Woman is a prominent member of the Justice League and one of the strongest female superheroes on the planet. She appears as a special guest in Scribblenauts Unmasked.

Batcomputer Information

A powerful warrior from the island of Themyscira and daughter of the Greek god Zeus, Diana is a princess to her people, the Amazon Race. Joining the Justice League, she is now Wonder Woman, a fierce protector of Earth. A diplomat of peace, Diana is also willing to use force to get point across whenever necessary. An inspiring symbol to all, Wonder Woman is truly one of the greatest superheroes the world will ever know.


Wonder Woman is hostile towards any type of villain or criminal. She will equip a lasso when given to her and ride her iconic Invisible Jet. When Steven Trevor and Superman see her, they will express the Love emotion, but she won't show any interest on them. She has 700 health points and is able to fly, expect for the forties and Red Son variants. The nineties variation will spawn with the bulletproof adjective.


Wonder Woman

Appearance Information
Regular Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: New 52 version
Star Sapphire Wonder Woman
Star Sapphire Wonder Woman: This alternative version of Wonder WOman is a member of the Star Sapphire Corps, a group of super powered individuals who possess violet Star Sapphire Rings and can create violet energy constructs.
Agent Diana Prince
Agent Diana Prince: After attacking the villain Maxwell Lord, Wonder Woman went into hiding as an agent in the department of metahuman affairs under the alias "Diana Prince".
Bizarra: Much like Bizarro is the warped version of Superman, Bizarra is the warped version of Wonder Woman. Super Strong and equipped with a magical lasso that forces anyone it touches to lie, Bizarra is a forced to be reckoned with alongside the other member of the Bizarro Justice League.
Earth Two Wonder Woman
Earth Two Wonder Woman: A former member of the All-Star Squadron this Earth's Wonder Woman was the secretary for the Justice Society and worked under the name "Diana Prince" for the U.S. War Department.
Eighties Wonder Woman
Eighties Wonder Woman: Sent to the world of man as an ambassador from the amazon island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman's duties were to bring peace to the outside world. The daughter of queen Hippolyta, Wonder WOman would use her god like powers to defend the world and the universe against any evil threat.
Fifties Wonder Woman
Fifties Wonder Woman: Having been blesses by the ancient Greek Gods, this alternative version of Wonder Woman sets off into "Man's World" in order to bring justice and peace. Finally she relinquishes her powers in order to stay behind and help Steve Trevor who has been unjustly accused of a crime while her amazonian relatives move on to a different dimension.
First Appearance Wonder Woman
First Appearance Wonder Woman: Bursting onto the world of man with super strength and superior combat skills, Wonder WOman took the world by storm and garnered fans as she battled the Axis Powers during World War II.
Forties Wonder Woman
Forties Wonder Woman: The amazonian champion dubbed Wonder Woman earns the right to return Steve Trevor to "Man's World". Once there she begins to fight alongside the Justice Society against the Axis threat.
Nineties Wonder Woman
Nineties Wonder Woman: This is an alternate version of the amazonian princess Wonder Woman, one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.
Odyssey Wonder Woman
Odyssey Wonder Woman: An alternate version of Wonder Woman who has lost her memory, this amazonian princess searches for her people and must battle for humanity against a trinity of war goddesses called "The Morrigan".
Sixties Wonder Woman
Sixties Wonder Woman: This early version of Wonder Woman possesses the same talents as her current counterpart and was a symbol during the Women's Lib movement.
Red Son Wonder Woman
Red Son Wonder Woman: This alternative version of Wonder Woman is an embittered ambassador from the amazonian island of Themmyscira, she is an ally of Red Son Superman.

Princess Diana

Appearance Information
Child Princess Diana
Child Princess Diana: This amazonian child is the strongest, fastest and most intelligent young warrior on Themyscira the daughter of amazon queen Hippolyta, Princess Diana will grow up to become Wonder Woman, a protector of Earth and founding member of the Justice League.
Young Princess Diana
Young Princess Diana: As the daughter of Hippolyta, queen of the amazons, this youthful version of Wonder Woman is amazonian royalty.
Disguised Princess Diana
Disguised Princess Diana: This alternate version of Princess Diana hides or alters her appearance to disguise her true identity of Wonder Woman, the daughter of Hippolyta, the amazon queen.

In-game History

[[Maxwell |
Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah

Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah as a gorgon.

Maxwell ]] first meets Wonder Woman after being sent to Themyscira by the Green Lantern, where he is attacked by two Amazonian guards mistaken him for an intruder. Wonder Woman rescues Maxwell, claiming him under her protection, and explaining that she saw the Doppelganger teaming up with the Cheetah.

After Maxwell finds where Cheetah is hiding, Wonder Woman and he conners her and the Doppelganger in the colliseum. Diana tries to use diplomacy against Cheetah, but the Doppelganger uses his magic notebook to transform cheetah into three mythical creatures, these being a gorgon, a minotaur and a kraken. After defeating her they discover that the Starite was buried under the colliseum they were fighting.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead - Continue at the risk of your own enjoyment.
Wonder Woman later appears on Brainiacship, where she is fighting Cheetah while Superman is trying to defeat Lex Luthor. In the final confrontation with Brainiac, he uses Lily's Globe to teleport Wonder Woman and the other Justice League away from his spaceship. She later appears on the epilogue, forgiving the Doppelganger for his evil deeds after he cleans up Themyscira.
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Wonder Woman stops War

Wonder Woman stopping a war in her origin story.

You can play the Wonder Woman Origin Story level, where explains how Princess Diana became Wonder Woman. The first scene shows her suffering bullying from the other amazonian girls, since she was made from clay. The second scene shows her becoming a hunter, asking the player to hunt some weapon to her. She tells about the competition to decide who would be the ambassador to the Man's World, and how she needed to disguise herself because her mother forbidden her from participating. The next scene show her stopping a war and discovered that she daughter of Zeus. On the final scene, she asks Maxwell to help her finding her Invisible Jet.



  • For some reason, in the Batcomputer, clicking Child Princess Diana profile shows a Young Princess Diana picture instead.
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