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|Row 1 info=Person, Brother
|Row 1 info=Person, Brother
|Row 2 title=Behavior
|Row 2 title=Behavior
|Row 2 info=Follows family
|Row 2 info=Follows family, Attacks [[Shadow]]
|Row 3 title=Synonyms
|Row 3 title=Synonyms
|Row 3 info=None
|Row 3 info=None

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Person, Brother


Follows family, Attacks Shadow



Available in

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Yarrr is one of Maxwell's brothers. He is a pirate. He's first seen at Edwin's Farm, riding his pirate ship that mysteriously works on land. He gives Maxwell directions to the Listy Colon and it's neighboring areas. His ship is attacked by a cannonball from an enemy ship. You have to give him ammo.He steals Shadow's sword if Shadow is near.

How to Unlock

Give him some ammo (Cannonballs, arrows, a fireball, etc.)

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