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Zed Zeppelin


After collecting 3 Starites

Doors to

Land of Sweet Hyperbole


Starite Template.png x 2


Stariteshard Template.png x 11

Zed Zeppelin is a level in Scribblenauts Unlimited in Scribblenauts Mega Pack. The level name is a reference to the band Led Zeppelin.

Starite Shards

Is There A Pilot On Board?

Problem: The pilot's disappeared! Is there anyone else who knows how to fly this thing?

Solution: Make another pilot.

The Helium Thief

Problem: My balloon was stolen!

Solution: Chase after the robber and get the balloon back by any means. Just be careful not to destroy the balloon.

Pirates of the Skies

Problem: Oh dear, sky pirates are attacking!

Solution: Kill the air pirates.

Life of the Party

Problem: We're bored of the band, isn't there some other kind of entertainment?

Solution: Spawn another kind of entertainment such as a magician or clown.

Not The Pirate's Life For Me

Problem: I hate the pirate's life. I just want to fit in with my new friends.

Solution: Add the adjective 'fashionable' to the air pirate.

I Can Fix It!

Problem: Cap'n wants the engines online ASAP, but all my tools melted in the fire.

Solution: Give the engineer a toolbox.

Engine Room Fire

Problem: Fire!

Solution: Put a rain cloud over the burning engine or make a firefighter.


Problem: There are some stowaways hidden somewhere aboard. Find them!

Solution: Below the room with the two previous missions, there will be a wooden box. Open the box and the stowaways will pop out.

Poked You Back

Problem: Oops, I think I poked a hole in the balloon. Can you give me something to patch it up?

Solution: Give the tourist gum.

Panini Head

Problem: I just can't keep up with all these orders...

Solution: Give the waiter a fast adjective.

Never Believe Your Eyes

Problem: I swear I saw it! An extinct creature!

Solution: Make a pterodactyl (other dinosaurs might work, but this one makes sense because it can fly)

Starite: The Journey Across The Sky

Description: Help prepare for an epic expedition!

Problem 1: I'm off on the expedition of a lifetime! I'll need someone who can fund my journey.


  • This whole trip is going to cost a lot of money.
  • I wish I was a millionaire myself, so I could do it.
  • Aha! A king could do it!

Solution: Spawn a king or millionaire.

Problem 2: Great! We have money. Now...does anyone know how to fly this thing?


  • We need someone good, someone who can operate a lot of vehicles.
  • Actually I'm really cheap so anyone who drives as a job will do.
  • You know what? Hire me a valet.

Solution: Spawn a pilot or valet.

Problem 3: This is a voyage of discovery. We'll need someone who can document our journey.


  • We need someone good with words, who can really capture the splendour of this world.
  • Who writes with words all the time?
  • Eureka! A journalist.

Solution: Spawn a journalist or author.

Problem 4: Huh, if someone gets hurt, who's going to take care of them?


  • Someone with decent medical expertise for sure.
  • Anyone know first aid? It's not like we need a surgeon or anything.
  • A paramedic would be perfect!

Solution: Spawn a paramedic or doctor.

Problem 5: This journey is fraught with danger, and I'm not the strongest guy in the world. Who could help us protect ourselves?


  • Someone with military training perhaps?
  • Maybe someone who carries around a gun for their job?
  • A soldier! Perfect!

Solution: Spawn a soldier.

Starite: Time Travelling Monster Hunt

Description: Save the future by protecting the past from the future!

Problem 1: We've tracked a monster back to this time, but we lost all of our equipment. First, we need something to help track the monster.


  • The monster must have left some sort of trail...
  • It's probably invisible to the naked eye, maybe some technology can help?
  • A mobile phone should be able to help us track it down.

Solution: Spawn a mobile phone or magnifying glass.

Problem 2: Aha! A trail! Let's follow it to see where it leads.


  • Looks like it's going to the left there.
  • Is it going through the metal door? I wonder where that leads.
  • The trail stops below us! Let's head down there to check it out.

Solution: Follow the trail and go through the door.

Problem 3: The trail ends here, the monster must be close. Quick, let's lure it out with its favourite food.


  • I know it likes to eat advanced forms of technology, do you have anything like that in your time?
  • Something with electricity running through it.
  • I remember! Try using a computer to lure it out.

Solution: Use a computer or other electronic.

Problem 4: The monster cometh. Help us prepare to fight the beast.


  • I would make some weapons to help in the upcoming battle.
  • It's here! Fight!
  • Fight!

Solution: Spawn a rocket launcher or other weapon.

Problem 5: It's here! Fight!

( I had to quickly defeat it so I didn't manage to get the hints. If anybody knows what they are please fill them in. You can use a death ray to kill the monster.)